A Not-So-Standard Poodle: Decoupage Sculpture

Yellow Decoupage Ceramic Poodle

A Handmade Home Is a Happy Home

The other day I got a Facebook message from a woman complaining that my blog is “just another craft” site. I thought about it and she was right. But what’s wrong with that? After I laid out my furniture scheme and accessorized with pillows and curtains,  DIY “craft” is the way to put a personal stamp on the little nooks and crannies in a space. It is also therapy where I can get my hands dirty and forget about the stresses of the day. Putting a handmade touch on a nutshell also makes any small space feel like a truly lived-in home. So there you go.

Photo 2 BEFORE CERAMIC - A Not-So-Standard Poodle: Decoupage Sculpture

Craft and Kitsch

That brings me to my latest find. I have a fascination with 50s kitsch, and this ceramic poodle from TJ Maxx spoke to me–woof! To give it a more custom look that would coordinate with my bedroom, I knew I wanted to embellish the poodle poufs on the paws, neck, ears and head.

Photo 3 Paper - A Not-So-Standard Poodle: Decoupage Sculpture

Decoupage a Custom Finish

Decoupage has always been my favorite craft technique, and this yellow citron,  cherry blossom paper from  Snow and Graham caught my eye. Brush a layer of decoupage medium onto the ceramic dog and rip pieces of paper and layer them onto the sculpture. Smooth out the bubbles. Let dry and wet sand using a fine sandpaper. Apply a 2nd layer of glue, dry and repeat with sanding for a smooth finish.  Paint a layer of polyurethane to seal it and voilà.

I am house proud… and craft proud. Have a great day!