Purdy Wordy: Decorating With Typography

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Art Fantasies

I don’t know about you but when I walk into an art supply store and see rows of empty canvases, fantasies of immortalizing something beautiful with a few brush strokes flash through my mind. Sadly, I have no talent in the painting department. But I was recently inspired by the works of painter, Ed Ruscha.  I love the idea of adding typography to a canvas.

Purdy Photo 2 Ed Ruscha Painting ACA8 - Purdy Wordy: Decorating With Typography

Ed Ruscha

Purdy Photo 3 2nd Ruscha Painting A279 - Purdy Wordy: Decorating With Typography


• Choose three different shades of  blue acrylic paint and dilute each color with a little water.

• Using the two lightest colors, brush random layers of the paint so they overlap here and there and start to bleed into the other. This will create an ombré effect. You can even use a spray bottle and mist areas with water to facilitate the color bleed. Let dry.

• Attach adhesive vinyl letters over the painted base coat to spell out a phrase or saying.

• With the darkest blue color (diluted with water), paint over the entire canvas. Let dry and carefully remove the vinyl lettering to reveal the typography design in a contrasting shade.

Now, I have a piece of original art to hang in my bedroom. And I will do as the painting says,  good night.

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