Cutting Through Blue Tape

Cropped Living Room


I’m a serial small-space nester and with each painful move, I’ve come to rely on a few things. Whenever possible go to your new location a few days before and have measurements of your big furniture pieces (and TV’s and computers) on hand as well as a roll of  painter’s tape.

cutting 1 - Cutting Through Blue Tape


This is really helpful when you are downsizing to a smaller space like I recently did and are trying to figure out which pieces might have to be put into storage or given away.

7_chalkboard paint door


cutting 3 - Cutting Through Blue Tape


I used blue painter’s tape because it was easy to see taped-off furniture zones on the wooden parquet floor. Was the TV armoire and computer close enough to electrical outlets or too close to windows or heaters? It will bring you comfort to know these answers before the movers come.

Once moving day arrived, the movers knew exactly where to place the large anchor pieces without too much guidance from frazzled me.

Hope this helps with your next move! Breathe!