Custom Fit Paper Book Sleeves


Display Vintage Books

I have a few vintage book collections that beg for attention, especially this 1915 Funk and Wagnalls Mental Health Efficiency self-help series. I found them in my parent’s garage many years ago and for that one moment, I was happy about their pack rat tendencies. How can you resist a book that tells you how to overcome timidity and build personality? Yes, please.


Dress Up a Book Collection

The books looked a little drab on the bright yellow shelf, so I took a friend’s advice and wrapped them with colorful paper bands. Simply cut 3″-wide strips of wrapping paper and fold them around the book cover. No need to use glue or tape, which I wanted to avoid on vintage books.

book3 - Custom Fit Paper Book Sleeves

Wrap your books in the same color band, or use a mix of patterns and colors that evoke a certain era or mood. I like the vintage feel of the paper colors and patterns that adorn the books now.


For added personality, a squirrel nutcracker stands in as the bookend. I picked it up at one of my favorite New York City stores called Mxyplyzyk. A fake silver keeps the squirrel’s mouth and tail in the correct alignment. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I have a thing for squirrels!

Have fun and remember it’s the little details that don’t cost a lot of money that make your house feel like a home and reflect your true personality—refer to Funk and Wagnalls Volume lV page 106!

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