Custom Window Cling Decals: Privacy in Petite Spaces

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Privacy Chic With Custom Window Cling Decals

Having an actual window in a NYC bathroom is a coup, but that opens up a privacy issue that I never had before. I tried curtains and a pull-down shade, but they blocked the precious sunlight that I get during the day.  Being on a high floor, the bathroom window is usually cracked open and curtains got too dirty, too fast from the city dust.

Photo 2 Really 2603 - Custom Window Cling Decals: Privacy in Petite Spaces

Driving Inspiration

Driving in the city, I noticed pretty large decals clinging onto car windows. I put two and two together and found out that my local printing shop can print any image onto inexpensive static window cling.


• Use a word document to write out your favorite phrase or saying. Choose a thicker, chunkier font that you love. This will show up as the clear or see-through part of the window cling design.

• Choose a background color with your local printing shop. Select a hue that will provide privacy but is not too saturated to block out the light or change the way you look in the mirror. Shades of pink are flattering to the skin.

• Give exact measurements of the window to the printers. They will play with the scale of the lettering to fit. My local printing shop did this for a very low, flat fee.

• To attach window cling to the glass, use a spray bottle of water mixed with one drop of dishwashing soap. Spray the window. The bubbles allow the vinyl cling to glide and slide into place without leaving streaks. Position the cling at the top of the window.  Unroll it slowly down the glass and use a squeegee to wipe the air bubbles away.

• Wipe from the middle of the window out to the sides to remove the rest of the water. Once dry, the cling will stay put.

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