Cuckoo For Rococo

Cropped Chandelier Light

I love to mix it up when it comes to different design styles in a space especially when it’s shy of vital square footage. A little vintage here, a smidge of art deco there keeps the eye entertained and diverts attention away from a room’s shortcomings.

I searched everywhere for an inexpensive rococo style frame with lots of curly shapes and dramatic molding, but they were just too much for what I wanted to spend so I found an easy way to make my own.

I found a plain white, flat frame and ordered pieces of decorative molding from

Each piece cost between $2.50-3.50. I used hot glue to attach the molding in place. Then I used papier-mache (my favorite is Celluclay that you mix with water) and filled in all of the empty spaces between the molding. After that dried, I applied a skim coat of a product called Paperclay.

2_rococo frame_how to1

It’s a smoother air-drying clay that will give the frame a more finished look. Let that dry one or two days and then paint on two layers of gesso and finish with two layers of white paint.

I know it may sound like a tedious process, but it really is kind of therapeutic and the result is so satisfying. Use your new frame around a mirror to make any hallway or bedroom look important. It will make you go absolutely cuckoo for rococo! Watch CBS clip.