Couture Décor

1_grey living room_ZZwide

I might not live in designer digs, but I am a “labels” girl and in a small space, big couture style goes a long way. My only design principle here is to add it with a sense of humor and a touch of kitsch. I only take my labels seriously when it comes to shoes and bags!

One of my very favorite designer inspired pieces is my folding Hermes coffee table with removable enamel tray. It’s the epitome of portable panache even though it is faux-bulous.


Some fashionistas out there may argue that the “Mac Daddy” of all designer labels is none other than Louis Vuitton, and I would be remiss not to have a touch of the LVin my LR (that’s short for “living room” if you are keeping up). I took a boring metal file cabinet and covered it in vinyl adhesive. I had a friend design the whimsical take on the traditional Vuitton monogram style and had her include my initials “JL” instead of “LV.” Check the site in a few weeks when I will share the “how to’s” on this easy DIY designer project.