It’s a Color Match


 Wide Green Ikea Patio Furniture

Going Kelly Green

Blessed with a small garden, I saw this as a great opportunity to go bold with color. This spring I was at Ikea at just the right time to snag the last pair of Nipprig rattan patio chairs on sale in Kelly green. The only hitch was that all of the matching side tables were sold out except in black rattan. At the moment, I have three different paint projects going on.  I was trying to avoid a fourth. But the entire Ikea set was so gently priced, I stopped my whining and drove to the local Sherwin Williams paint store for a color match.

Sherwin Williams Custom Kelly Green Paint

Swipe Right for a Perfect Match

The paint store only needs a small color sample (as small as a quarter they tell me), and they can make a match. The clerk was able to scan the back leg of one of the chairs for a computer color code and he purposefully made the first paint batch a little less green so we could adjust. It is easier to add color than subtract. I’ve included the code here if you’d like to replicate it on your own furnishings.

I’ve become fast friends with my local paint store, and I have learned a great deal about custom matching and custom blends.

I am thrilled with my new outdoor space outfitted with a fresh green patio set. Bring on the margaritas!