Caviar Dreams

Cropped Caviar Wall

Give your kitchen instant Andy Warhol pop art status! For $7.60 a piece, I found a great resource for brand new caviar tins that I installed on the wall and in multiples of three, twelve tins in all, my humble white kitchen wall is now my own personal pop-art gallery that brightens my day.

You can find the tins at  Make sure and purchase the Italian Tin Traditional design in the 1,000 gram size. That is the largest size they offer. The company sells them wholesale and in bulk but I called their customer service number at 800-522-8427, and they were happy to sell me  a dozen at a near wholesale price.

2_cavier tin wall_detail2

If you want to create a collage, keep in mind that the 1,000 gram size tin measures 6 ¼” in diameter and is 2″ deep. Attach adhesive cloth picture hangers on the back of each tin to hang on the wall with minimal damage.