Cake Platters: Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

Close Up Platter - Cake Platters: Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

Vanity Envy

Cake stands and footed platters are not just for the kitchen anymore. I long for the day when I can sit at a luxurious dressing table applying perfume behind both ears. Cue the ghost of Jean Harlow now!

Wide Shot Footed Vanity - Cake Platters: Organize Your Bathroom Vanity

Until that day arrives, I like to pile makeup, soap and vanity accessories on top of a cake stand that sits on the bathroom window ledge. The footed platter adds just a touch of girly-glam to a rather ho-hum bathroom. Stack them up to maximize vertical storage space in a tight corner.

This footed platter is part of Martha Stewart’s collection at Macy’s and it is currently on sale.

Vintage Coty face powder boxes remind me of what my mother used  when I was growing up. They have a permanent spot on the vanity pedestal.


For a personal touch, I glued false eyelashes to a postcard and added a freshly-kissed lipstick stain in my favorite shade of red.

Love is in the details so dress your petite abode with what makes you happy.

Look, There’s More

Here’s a quick way to make your own footed platters that you can take apart and store away. Check it out here.