Burlap is the New Linen

French Burlap Stools

Add Texture with Burlap

Burlap may be a humble fabric, but there are so many ways to kick it up to couture. Adding textures like burlap creates a feeling of depth in a shoebox of a space. Use it to cover ottomans or even as curtains.

Burlap Curtain Room Divider

A DIY burlap curtain trimmed with black grosgrain ribbon striping became the perfect room divider for my friend’s studio.

Vintage French Grain Sacks

Check out your local flea markets and auction sites like eBay for vintage French grain sacks in burlap. They range from $40-90 depending on how old they are. Some of the burlap sacks have a duplicate design on the reverse side so you get two for one.

Vintage French Grain Sack

French Burlap Sack Ottoman

I decided to use two different French burlap sacks to cover inexpensive ottoman stools and finished them off with green grosgrain ribbon and antique brass upholstery tacks. Absolutely no sewing was involved and they look terrific.


Make sure and pre-wash your burlap before you cut, tuck or sew because there will be some shrinkage.

Look, There’s More

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