Boutique Bookcase: Ikea Hack

Ikea Gold Boutique Bookcase

Ikea to the Small Bedroom Rescue

In my never ending quest for stylish storage that won’t make a space look like a storage warehouse, I once again turned to Ikea for the solution.

Ikea Shelving

The Fjalkinge metal bookshelf is sturdier than the MDF particle board options and was only $100, which fit the budget.  More importantly, the bookshelf was skinny enough to fit into a tight corner.  In small spaces, look for bookcases with an open back design, which feels less cramped and closed in.

Bookcase Hack

I was looking for a little more pizzazz than a plain white bookcase for the guest bedroom. I decided to spray paint the metal frame a brassy gold to add a little shine into the space, while being neutral enough to match everything in the room. The shelves were left white and the edges were lined with gold washi tape.


Make sure and choose a paint and primer in one to keep paint from  scraping off easily.

Bookcase With Added Storage Hooks

Bookcase Boutique Storage

The gold metal frame reminded me of display shelving you see in a chic boutique. Attach gold coat hooks from the “roof” of the top shelf to feature favorite pieces from your wardrobe.  In my case,  that meant displaying my vintage collection of handbags, hats and furs my mother passed down to me.  The shelves are metal so you won’t need to use anchors to keep screws from weakening and falling through.

Bookcase Store Display Hats

Vintage beauty pageant trophy cups have become perfect hat display stands.  Now, the guest room is taking shape. Time to paint the walls! I have an aversion to plain white walls. Color makes me the happiest. Stay tuned!

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