Oh, Suzani: Supersize Wall Stenciling

Cropped Wall 2

Go Bold With Color

My petite guest room was a standard contractor’s white, featureless box, clocking in at about 136-square feet. I decided to go with a bold pink patterned wall to make up for the lack of architectural detail and charm in the space.   I don’t have a lot of pink in my wardrobe, but I always feel energized using this bold color in interior spaces.


I went with a deep, red based pink called Cerise (which means “cherry” in French) from Sherwin-Williams. Because you use a dry brush technique with stenciling, you can control the amount of color saturation to fit your taste. I wanted the overall look to appear timeworn and faded on the edges so I tended to paint with a lighter touch.

Go Big with Pattern

This modern Suzani-inspired stencil from Royal Designs is like art and architecture on the walls and helps to make this room feel grander.  If you are painting a large space, I like to buy two stencils so one is always wiped down and clean while the other one is in use. Then alternate stencils once the paint builds up on the edges.


A little paint goes a long way. For a small bedroom, you can stencil the walls using a paint sample-sized can for only $7. Sherwin-Williams paint samples cover 75-square feet with regular wall overage and with a dry brush stencil effect, you end up using very little paint.

Close Up Stencil Wall 2

The fresh paint color and wall pattern have inspired a whole new approach to bed linens and duvet covers. I am thinking it’s going to be boho chic with a mixture of feminine and masculine colored pillows and linens.  Stay tuned for the unveiling.