Bicycle Built for…Flowers

Flower Box on Bicycle

Brown Thumbs, Take Heart!

Not blessed with a green thumb? Join the club.  I had no idea how to approach the design of my newly-acquired petite garden. When I moved in the grass was dead and buried, one fruit tree was hanging on for dear life, and only the weeds were winning.

Flower Basket Bicycle

Garden Bicycle

The garden needed a design feature in the front that made a statement without taking up a lot of space. I scanned Craigslist and found a used Schwinn bicycle that mimicked the lines of more classic models of the past. I swapped out the ugly black racing seat with a vintage green and white Schwinn saddle. I found that on ebay for $25.

Look out for a bike with a back rack for extra plant display potential. A wine crate I bought at Home Goods last year is strapped onto the back rack for an ideal spot to showcase potted flowers. I live in a high traffic area so I locked the bike to the tree and stripped all of the gears off to make it less appealing to sticky fingers. I balanced the risk of theft with the amount of money spent and I think I have come out ahead on this project.

This flower crate bicycle gives my cottage instant curb appeal!