Design Abracadabra: Affordable Wall Removal

Before Cottage Living Room - Design Abracadabra: Affordable Wall Removal

Old Living Room With Wall Partition

Tear Down This Wall

A small 25-foot-wide wall partition between the living room and the dining nook blocked dreams of total sun-filled cottage bliss. My 1940s beach shack was typical of homes built in that era where there was no concept of an open floor plan. Every room was compartmentalized and walled off. It was time this cramped 187-square-foot relic gets a modern makeover.

Old Wall partition between living rom and kitchen

Wide petite living room wall partition intact

Wall Removal Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Staying on budget means limiting the amount of contractor work needed in the space. For only $350 the wall partition was removed, and it opened up the living room and dining nook to allow the sun to shine and fill the entire space. Now a full-sized sofa and dining room chairs can fit without hitting the wall. The amount of usable square footage has doubled.

Wall removal between living room and dining nook

Wall Removal Between Living Room and Dining Nook

Bye-Bye Ugly Carpet

All of the carpeting was taken up (the best day ever!), and new wood floors will be laid down. All of the walls are painted Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White, a perennial favorite of interior designers. I’ll be bringing in color on the walls later on, but white is the base I want to work with for now.

The petite cottage makeover continues. More space-maximizing ideas to come.