Gray Matters

7_weather stripping frame

If you live in a nutshell, color is your best friend, your secret weapon. In every apartment and home I have ever nested in, I am always amazed how color can create instant warmth and disguise square foot-challenged spaces.  For my new place I decided on gray slate walls for the living room. I have a large water coloring painting by Emily Redd that I adore, and the gray in that painting was the inspiration for the new living room.

I clipped and saved an article in House Beautiful that talked about how dark colors on the wall “disintegrates the edges of a small room,” and they were right.

But I quickly learned that there indeed is a gray area when it comes to finding the perfect gray paint that wouldn’t change tones in natural or artifcial light.  House Beautiful magazine featured Benjamin Moore’s Witching Hour #2120-30, but when I went to the paint store it was too light. After examining many, many paint chips outside the store in the sunlight, I decided to go with Benjamin Moore in Wrought Iron #2124-10.

Striped Wall #1



As I started to paint I got a little panicked that it might be too dark so I decided on a gray and white stripe companion wall and taped off a larger border around the bedroom door to “fool the eye” into thinking there was white molding around the door. The other challenge was that I did all the painting myself and my walls are 14- feet high in some places and given that I am only 5’2” and the ladder was 8’, I was barely reaching the far corners!


But I am so happy with the results and I am amazed how the gray doesn’t turn in hue when the light changes. Gray is the new brown in interior decorating…or at least that’s what I’m telling friends. Pass it on.